SAP Projects and Implementations

We pride ourselves on delivering quality SAP projects that meet the needs of our customers.

Exceeding expectations

We work closely with our clients to fully understand not just their project objectives but also their wider business goals.

SAP software solutions are extremely functionally rich and are very flexible in the ways in which they can be configured, allowing them to be customised to meet the needs of most businesses.

We endeavour to use standard functionality and best practice processes wherever possible, avoiding the need and expense of developing custom code. There will, however, be occasions when custom development is required and our highly-skilled, consultants have the necessary skills, experience and industry knowledge to ensure that this development works effectively and performs well.

SAP Projects and Implementations Approach

  • We work in collaboration with our customers to fully understand their project goals and wider business objectives.
  • The rigours of project management are applied in a pragmatic way to suit the culture, maturity and resource availability of our clients
  • We use our considerable previous experience to help our customers maximise the benefits and minimise the risks associated with any project.
  • We focus on integration from the very start of any project - producing better quality results for our customers.

Control of Scope is major factor

Our consultants have experience of determining and controlling project scope – often a tricky exercise – helping our customers decide between ‘necessary” and ‘nice to have’.

Business Buy-In and Ownership

Our experienced Project Managers work with your internal teams to ensure appropriate governance of the project and resourcing by the business. We also promote active organisational change management in our project approach.

Agreed Business Blueprint

At the end of this crucial phase we aim to have demonstrated and explained the functional deliverables in detail to allow our customers to fully sign up to what the project will deliver.

Unsurpassed Consultant knowledge and experience

Our consultants all have extensive SAP experience and have been through multiple project lifecycles. They also have real business experience, which allows them to develop solutions that are both pragmatic and effective.