Internet Of Things (IOT)

Internet Of Things (IOT)

The future potential for IoT is enormous. A large number of innovative services and applications are enabled by the interconnection of billions of devices; however, the potential can only be realized if the cost for deploying various solutions is low enough and if various devices are interoperable with each other. We at InnoLogic Technologies are an stratagic and innovative company which will help leverage and build your organization and human interaction using IoT to next level with technological innovations.

IT Infrastructure Architecture & Solution Management

InnoLogic Technologies works with organizations to reduce this cost structure in a manner that enables efficient real-time management of networks. With the expertise of its Indian operations to back it up, InnoLogic Technologies is able to offer IT infrastructure Architecture and solution management services that ensure that your IT and Manufacturing, service operations is up and running 24x7.

InnoLogic Technologies has several years of experience in maintaining and troubleshooting the problems faced by our clients in their IT infrastructure. We listen to all our clients problems diligently using our 24x7 helpdesks and get our team operational immediately.

We have always strived to beat the SLAs agreed with our customers. We not only maintain the current IT infrastructure and networks but also perform proactive and corrective maintenance solutions to provide exceptional service to our customer.

We continuously improve our SLAs over time and try to bring additional efficiencies in for our clients. We also do configurations management, change management and patch management as part of IT infrastructure management and maintenance.

IT Infrastructure Management Activities

1.  Service Desk: InnoLogic Technologies’s Remote and onsite 24X7 L1/L2/L3 IT Infrastructure support, 24X7 Technical Help Desk,  support voice operations support. Online support, Technical and administrative escalations, Remote Enterprise IT Infrastructure management including IT Infrastructure operations support

2. Incident Management: Automated trouble ticketing, ticket management from creation to resolution and documentation.

3. Problem Management:  Problem isolation, analysis and implementing fixes & corrective actions, Fault management including troubleshooting and documentation. Troubleshooting link issues and carrier coordination

4. Configuration Management:

  Create and update Architecture, configuration database, configuration backup,

 Detailed IT Infrastructure topology, Analyze configuration history

5. Change Management: Owning requests for change –

Automated change procedure

Change engineering – feasibility, planning, impact analysis, back out plan, change design, change testing and implementation.

6. Service Management: Manage and beat the agreed SLA’s to utmost customer satisfaction.

7. Capacity Management: Analyze threshold variations and performance trends

Recommend & Implement changes to infrastructure architecture and optimization techniques

Advance planning for capacity upgrades.

8.Reporting: Provide web-based real time reports, Performance reports, Operational metrics and Live online reporting: Provides 24X7 live update for open incidents and calls and online analysis of current statistical and historic data.

9. IT Infrastructure Optimization including bandwidth optimization – Allocation of bandwidth as per application requirements

10. Inventory Management and asset management

11. Quality Management Policy Design, unit testing and integration testing, Implementation, Review

11. Backup and Archiving

12. Preventive Maintenance

Big Data Analytics

InnoLogic Technologies uses future technology innovative solutions using analytics to power your data-driven organization The huge data of information filling your servers has reached threshold levels. With keen insights, big data analytics can pull exact content out of data piles. InnoLogic Technologies experts take an enterprise-wide approach with strategic planning to move tradition-bound clients to analytics driven company that can quickly respond to market and customer expectations.

We do this through scalable services that help our proof of concept and learning labs 

 Apply analytics to operating models and talent strategies create innovative enablement approaches.

We work with global companies to boost their data and analytics capabilities.

InnoLogic Technologies experienced consultants plan, architect, design solutions that spot the trends and patterns that create more business opportunity.

Our scalable, future technology innovative using analytics can create more value for your organization by, moving you closer to the customer,

Create high value that strengthens your brand and attracts and keeps customers improving there value chain, Creating synergies, and reducing inefficiencies and waste by sharing data and insights Improving visibility, Reducing cost to customer by better understanding customer decision-making.

Our worldwide enterprise clients rely on our big data services to reduce costs, increase efficiency, speed and accuracy of analysis and create new revenue streams.

InnoLogic Technologies is in forefront of big data technology innovation, our Big Data analytic solution prepares our global clients to be data-driven universally.    

Today’s organizations face an explosion of data from more sources than ever before. As a result, many companies are rethinking their approach to traditional enterprise storage and architecture to leverage big data. Storing and managing these huge pools of information is a challenge for many enterprises, but big data also offers significant opportunities. To achieve these benefits, companies must process data big data to create value that can help drive better decisions. And by processing big data in real time, companies can engage powerful analytic strategies to take advantage of market shifts and stay ahead of competitors. Harness big data to drive better business decisions

At InnoLogic Technologies, we have the expertise, technology tools and processes to derive actionable insights from huge data that enterprises collect each day.

Our specialists have pioneered big data solutions for leading organizations around the world and we offer complete services to help you harness the power of your data, such as:

Big Data Lab spread across multiple locations that focus on product evaluation and performance benchmarking Innovative industry-tailored frameworks to meet unique domain needs Domain specific KPI toolkits business transformation through a mix of performance management and next-generation analytics

Big Data council that provides assistance to developers and architects as well as domain scientists and advanced visualization specialists ‘As-Is and To-Be’ IT landscape assessment and execution.

Big data maturity roadmap and reference architecture. InnoLogic Technologies constantly looks at partnership and alliances with major product vendor’s industry solution accelerators and data aggregators for technology innovative solutions.

Think Analytics Think InnoLogic Technologies.


InnoLogic Technologies Digital solutions applies five ways of providing effective latest innovative way  to our clients –  Mobility Computing, Big Data Analytics, Social Media, Cloud computing and Artificial Intelligence and  Robotics – to meet the specific needs and opportunities of each industry. We help clients reimagining their business models, products and services, customer segments, channels, business processes, and workplaces by leveraging a combination of the Digital Five solutions to gain sustained competitive advantage. Our experienced global team includes business strategy consultants, business analysts, digital marketers, user experience designers, data scientists, and engineers who are passionate about today's digital technologies and their impact on businesses. Backed by our technology vendor partnerships, pre-built customizable products and reusable assets, and deep industry expertise, we offer everything an enterprise needs for complete Digital solutions.